Since 2020 I started professionally studying fine arts at the National Art school, graduating in 2022. I major in ceramics, and create mixed media artworks. As a developing artist I pride myself on an intuitive making process that connects the conscious and subconscious mind. Commenting on the battles of emotional turmoil from past trauma. Artists such as Gareth Mason and Tilda Mae Clark consider similar concepts and have been substantial influences on the development of my work. 

“As a self-proclaimed sensualist, I find clay a perfect medium through which to explore the vessel as a carrier of emotive potential ” - Gareth Mason  

- Statement -
When considering the final outcome of a work, my main objective is to navigate how the audience will connect with the piece. In terms of my ceramic practice I intend to bridge the gap between traditional means of exhibiting ceramic works, changing the dynamic of the impersonal aspect that individuals typically experience in museums or galleries. 
In relation to my ceramic artistry, I ultimately bring auditory and tactile components together to challenge the fragile nature of the material. In addition to physically connecting with the audience to allow a personalised memory to be created. 
Text is a huge aspect in my practice which not only allows me to release the emotion or experience I am conveying, it creates a sense of humanism the audience can relate to and starts an unspoken dialect between my work and the viewer, permitting the patrons to connect to their own experiences through mine.
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